Vital Statistics

 No. 1(2)

Mad Rock Marine Solutions Inc.
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Growth rate: 454%
Revenue: $3,743,913
Employee growth: 78%
Full-time employees: 16
President/CEO: Dean Pelley
Founded: 2002
Head office: St. John’s, N.L.
Primary focus: Manufactures and exports the RocLoc Lifeboat Release Hook System. Researches and develops marine and arctic evacuation technologies.
Growth factor: The IMO has recently proposed changes to launch regulations, specifically, lifeboat release hooks. RocLoc meets all proposed changes to launching appliances and helped establish the criteria of a high-quality, fail-safe, release-hook system.
No. 2(6)
Norex Group
Industry: IT & Telecommunications
Growth rate: 431%
Revenue: $3,001,322
Employee growth: 100%
Full-time employees: 28
President/CEO: Julia Rivard/Brandon Kolybaba
Founded: 2000
Head office: Halifax, N.S.
Primary focus: Web development and marketing, data hosting, Google apps migration, cloud consulting, and application development.
Growth factor: Google apps was the biggest growth area in 2010. There are high COGS [cost of goods sold] for other business lines. Most of that revenue comes from outside Nova Scotia.
No. 3(8)
Industry: Arts & Cultural Industries
Growth rate: 288%
Revenue: $5,866,009
Employee growth: 63%
Full-time employees: 13
President/CEO: Robert Smith
Founded: 2007
Head office: Dartmouth, N.S.
Primary focus: Designs, imports, and exports Kameleon Jewelry, unique sterling silver interchangeable jewelry line. All patents held by JewelPop Inc.
Growth factor: Has grown retailer selling base by 300%. Advertising in consumer magazines, created TV and radio commercials, aggressive market to trade publications, increased presence at trade shows. Creates and develops new products all the time.
No. 4(NEW)
Fitzpatrick & Company
Industry: Financial Services/Banking
Growth rate: 243%
Revenue: $1,200,000
Employee growth: 467%
Full-time employees: 17
President/CEO: (Partner) Michael Fitzpatrick/(Partner) Gerard Fitzpatrick
Founded: 2008
Head office: Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Primary focus: Chartered accountancy firm.
Growth factor: A local firm owned by Islanders operating on the Island.
No. 5(NEW)
Source Security and Investigations
Industry: Security
Growth rate: 239%
Revenue: $5,379,570
Employee growth: 207%
Full-time employees: 255
President/CEO: Ron Lovett
Founded: 2002
Head office: Halifax, N.S.
Primary focus: Performs and manages guard, patrol, and investigation services
Growth factor: In September 2008 opened a Vancouver office. This year entered Ontario market with a Toronto office. Have acquired significant corporate contracts in Atlantic over the last two years. In September 2009 opened investigations division.
No. 6(NEW)
Hemmings House Pictures Ltd.
Industry: Arts & Cultural Industries
Growth rate: 190%
Revenue: $630,209
Employee growth: 150%
Full-time employees: 10
President/CEO: Kevin Schyf/Greg Hemmings
Founded: 2006
Head office: Saint John, N.B.
Primary focus: Producers of media content for marketing and branding, specializing in film production and photography. Television programming for international broadcast markets.
Growth factor: High-value, lower-cost option for video or photographic content produced by people who excel in their craft. A sense of ownership has been key. Expanding into the rest of Atlantic Canada. Gearing up for national expansion.
No. 7(NEW)
Mainstay Security & Investigations Inc.
Industry: Security
Growth rate: 166%
Revenue: $715,021
Employee growth: 133%
Full-time employees: 28
President/CEO: Lawrence Mason
Founded: 2005
Head office: New Glasgow, N.S.
Primary focus: Provides security-guard services, loss prevention, and corporate/private investigation in local market.
Growth factor: Launched and located in small-town Nova Scotia. Continues to create new opportunities and business through hard work and reputation.
No. 8(NEW)
Industry: Manufacturing
Growth rate: 162%
Revenue: $1,022,170
Employee growth: 150%
Full-time employees: 5
President/CEO: Guy Chaham
Founded: 2007
Head office: Dartmouth, N.S.
Primary focus: Manufactures and sells outdoor fitness equipment and the installation of outdoor fitness parks.
Growth factor: In 2010 moved manufacturing to N.S. and has been developing new product line. Has been significant growth in the health-and-fitness market as well, specifically in community health and wellness. Product line fits into municipal budgets.
No. 9 (NEW)
Garrison Brewing Co.
Industry: Food & Beverage
Growth rate: 135%
Revenue: $286,201
Employee growth: 27%
Full-time employees: 14
President/CEO: Brian Titus
Founded: 1997
Head office: Halifax, N.S.
Primary focus: Regional microbrewery that produces traditional, all-natural craft beer in bottle and draft format.
Growth factor: Marketing via the use of community/event listings, networking, guerrilla and social marketing tactics. The market for locally produced craft beer has expanded rapidly as consumers increasingly value local, natural, flavourful products. Being prolific and innovative when developing and releasing new brands, styles, and formats.
No. 10(NEW)
High Liner Foods, Incorporated
Industry: Food & Beverage
Growth rate: 128%
Revenue: $627,186,000
Employee growth: 72%
Full-time employees: 1,081
President/CEO: Henry E. Demone
Founded: 1899
Head office: Lunenburg, N.S.
Primary focus: One of North America’s largest processors and marketers of prepared, value-added, frozen seafood. Markets and distributes branded and private label products to most grocery and club stores as well as to food services operators,
Growth factor: Acquired North American marketing and manufacturing arm of Fisheries Products International (FPI) to become the largest seafood company in Canada and one of the largest in North America. Combined product development and marketing expertise has differentiated company within the global industry.
No. 11(13)
Industry: Architectural/Engineering
Growth rate: 119%
Revenue: $1,029,669
Employee growth: 100%
Full-time employees: 8
President/CEO: Perry Mitchelmore
Founded: 2002
Head office: Dartmouth, N.S.
Primary focus: Offers professional engineering advisory and design services to public and private sectors. Clients involved in water, energy, and infrastructure. Operates in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Northwest Territories.
Growth factor: Technical skill transfer with existing clients has expanded sphere of influence and export core technical expertise in dams to markets outside Nova Scotia.
No. 12 (NEW)
Connor Architects and Planners Limited
Industry: Architectural/Engineering
Growth rate: 111%
Revenue: $788,110
Employee growth: 50%
Full-time employees: 9
President/CEO: Peter Connor
Founded: 1989
Head office: Dartmouth, N.S.
Primary focus: Primary focus is architecture with a strong connection to planning activities.
Growth factor: Mining new markets through RFPs, both for stand-alone projects and standing-offer work. Servicing growth with improved delivery methods and a larger, more experienced team. Word of mouth and professional development opportunities. Evaluate shortcomings with respect to marketing.
No. 13(NEW)
Cherryfield Contracting Ltd.
Industry: Construction Products & Services
Growth rate: 100%
Revenue: $15,000,000
Employee growth: 20%
Full-time employees: 90
President/CEO: George McIntosh
Founded: 2003
Head office: Moncton, N.B.
Primary focus: Road construction.
Growth factor: Provincial and municipal governments released numerous infrastructure projects in 2010 and we were the successful bidders on many of these contracts.
No. 14 (27)
LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.
Industry: Environmental Industries
Growth rate: 88%
Revenue: $1,500,000
Employee growth: 36%
Full-time employees: 15
President/CEO: Pat Whalen
Founded: 2004
Head office: Fredericton, N.B.
Primary focus: Development, sales, and service of biological monitoring technologies designed for water, wastewater, chemical, and organic products.
Growth factor: Expansion of name within core markets (industrial manufacturing and municipal service) is the No. 1 factor. Expansion into new markets (oil and gas) has also contributed.
No. 15(NEW)
AML Communications Inc.
Industry: IT & Telecommunications
Growth rate: 76%
Revenue: $42,289,274
Employee growth: 34%
Full-time employees: 182
President/CEO: Floyd Gaetz
Founded: 1990
Head office: Dartmouth, N.S.
Primary focus: Sells communication and technology. Understands customers’ needs amd demonstrating improved productivity and cost savings.
Growth factor: Rapid evolution of technology for new wireless products. Smartphone sales have become the larger part of overall sales. Consolidation in the industry provided opportunity to become dominant in geographical areas.
No. 16(17)
TeamSpace Canada Inc.
Industry: IT & Telecommunications
Growth rate: 75%
Revenue: Undisclosed
Employee growth: 51%
Full-time employees: 65
President/CEO: Michael Johnston
Founded: 2000
Head office: Bedford, N.S.
Primary focus: Software services firm that dedicates itself to developing rich, engaging, and
high-profile experiences in the areas of web, business applications, mobile applications, and games.
Growth factor: Majority of growth comes through client referrals and through an increased number of projects offered to by the Fortune 500 companies that Teamspace Canada does work for. Also, a new technology has come out for virtual world development. Teamspace Canada has become experts in that technology and has received some large projects as a result.
No. 17(11)
Trail Blazer Products Ltd.
Industry: Manufacturing
Growth rate: 74%
Revenue: $3,526,957
Employee growth: 64%
Full-time employees: 23
President/CEO: Shawn Levangie/Curtis Levangie
Founded: 1987
Head office: Dartmouth, N.S.
Primary focus: Manufactures lawn and
garden tools and snow shovels.
Growth factor: Spent the year focused on strengthening existing products and markets rather than developing new ones.
No. 18 (9)
VistaCare Communications Services of Canada Inc.
Industry: IT & Telecommunications
Growth rate: 69%
Revenue: $8,041,000
Employee growth: 17%
Full-time employees: 77
President/CEO: Ed Webber
Founded: 2003
Head office: Dartmouth, N.S.
Primary focus: Contractor to communication providers such as Eastlink and Bell Aliant. Builds and maintains a broadband and fibre optic system. Provides security nurse-call and structural cabling to the commercial marketplace.
Growth factor: Continued to hire and train technicians at a high level and put them in vehicles with financing from BMO. As the technology changes to more fibre optics, Vistacare has positioned itself as the primary supplier of qualified technicians.
No. 19(NEW)
Archway Search Consultants Inc.
Industry: HR/Employment Services
Growth rate: 66%
Revenue: $2,634,632
Employee growth: 133%
Full-time employees: 7
President/CEO: Jim Garland/Mark Stiles
Founded: 2006
Head office: Waverley, N.S.
Primary focus: Executive search and specialty recruitment firm focused on contract and full time placements.
Growth factor: Hired a key account manager focused on growing the brand. Rebranded and put forth some aggressive targets. Found clients’ pain and consulted with them to solve their needs.
No. 20 (NEW)
Marco Group of Companies
   Industry: Construction Products & Services
   Growth rate: 62%
   Revenue: $139,877,000
   Employee growth: 17%
   Full-time employees: 68
   President/CEO: Allan MacIntosh/Christopher J. Hickman
   Founded: 1979
   Head office: St. John’s, N.L.
Primary focus: Commercial and institutional construction in Atlantic Canada. Acts as a general contractor and developer. Operates in the construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities through a subsidiary, Fay Environmental Canada.
Growth factor: Atlantic Canada was at the tail end of a busy economic period when the economic slowdown happened. Saw a dramatic increase in infrastructure spending and were able to take advantage of that stimulus.
No. 21(23)
Premiere Executive Suites
Industry: Accommodations
Growth rate: 47%
Revenue: $14,768,845
Employee growth: 14%
Full-time employees: 90
President/CEO: Suzanne Bachur
Founded: 1999
Head office: Halifax, N.S.
Primary focus: Provides fully furnished executive accommodations for short- and long-term stays. An affordable alternative to conventional hotel rooms offering more of a home-like atmosphere for guests.
Growth factor: Continues to use market analysis resources to aide in focusing on the right targets. That, coupled with a commitment to Google Ad Words, is makes company highly ranked and recognizable.
No. 22(NEW)
ADI Group Inc.
Industry: Environmental Industries
Growth rate: 45%
Revenue: $96,500,000
Employee growth: 10%
Full-time employees: 375
President/CEO: Hollis Cole
Founded: 1945
Head office: Fredericton, N.B.
Primary focus: Design-build environmental technology firm specializing in water and wastewater treatment, biogas recovery, and custom tank and lagoon covers. Serves a worldwide market with projects in more than 35 countries.
Growth factor: Retain top talent and attract new talent. Shifted focus to more marketing and sales activities, which has kept technology in front of potential clients.
No. 23 (24)
Southwest Properties
Industry: Real Estate/Property Management
Growth rate: 40%
Revenue: $51,034,000
Employee growth: 16%
Full-time employees: 86
President/CEO: Gordon Laing/Jim Spatz
Founded: 1951
Head office: Halifax, N.S.
Primary focus: Commercial and residential property management and development. Mission is to provide the best places to live, shop, work, and play, creating lasting relationships with employees, customers, and partners.
No. 24 (NEW)
Industry: IT & Telecommunications
Growth rate: 37%
Revenue: Undisclosed
Employee growth: 38%
Full-time employees: 29
President/CEO: Bill Adams/
Steve Nicolle
Founded: 2002
Head office: Halifax, N.S.
Primary focus: Health care IT company that invents and delivers transactional marketing solutions on behalf of Canadian pharmaceutical companies.
Growth factor: Has significantly expanded solutions from origins of alternative sampling. Hired first CEO in early 2010 and focused efforts on sales, including hiring nine highly skilled professionals. Now has more than 50 top pharma companies in Canada as customers.
No. 25(NEW)
Clear Picture Corporation Ltd.
Industry: IT & Telecommunications
Growth rate: 31%
Revenue: $2,248,897
Employee growth: 29%
Full-time employees: 18
President/CEO: Scott Murray
Founded: 1995
Head office: Halifax, N.S.
Primary focus: Develops, manages, and reports feedback survey software
Growth factor: Developed new products and introduced them to large global partner base. Global 360 feedback system launched in pilot form with IBM. Expanding marketing reach and starting to ramp a sales process.
No. 26(NEW)
Cobham Surveillance
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Growth rate: 28%
Revenue: $44,703,461
Employee growth: -2%
Full-time employees: 176
President/CEO: Kelly Johnstone
Founded: 2007
Head office: Dartmouth, N.S.
Primary focus: Develops and manufactures electronics equipment for surveillance purposes. Products are sold mainly within Canada and U.S. with some global reach.
Growth factor: Continues to move forward with technology at lightening speed. Has continued to develop products for a niche market that has allowed growth over the last three years. Leveraging this with a commitment to customer service and maintaining close client relationships.
No. 27(15)
Ad-Dispatch Inc.
Industry: Arts & Cultural Industries
Growth rate: 28%
Revenue: $3,526,800
Employee growth: 100%
Full-time employees: 18
President/CEO: Nathan Kroll
Founded: 1999
Head office: Dartmouth, N.S.
Primary focus: Produces, designs, and develops web video content, radio advertisements, and customized interactive training solutions.
Growth factor: Purchased a license from Paris-based Total Immersion that allowed it to build Augmented Reality solutions using D’Fusion technology. Hired the teams, provided international training, and ramped up sales and marketing. First campaign for GM went live in October, six months after the initial investment. In the Canadian market. Ad Dispatch was barely on the radar of media buyers or their creative teams. Now it’s considered part of a full campaign.


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