Who are the TOP 101 Companies in Atlantic Canada for 2013?


No. 1
Empire Company Limited

Revenue: $16,249,100,000
One-year growth: 1%
Total employees: 47,000
President/CEO: Paul D. Sobey
Founded: 1982
HQ: Stellarton, N.S.
Description: Key businesses include food retailing and related real estate operations throughout Canada.

No. 2
Fortis Inc.

Revenue: $3,654,000,000
One-year growth: -2%
Total employees: 7,200
President/CEO: H. Stanley Marshall
Founded: 1987
HQ: St. John’s
Description: International distribution utility holding company.
No. 3

Bell Aliant Regional Communications Inc.
Revenue: $2,762,000,000
One-year growth: 0%
Total employees: 6,709
President/CEO: Karen H. Sheriff
Founded: 2006
HQ: Halifax
Description: One of North America’s largest regional communications providers, serving customers for over a century and headquartered in Halifax. Provides a complete range of innovative communications, information, and entertainment services, including voice, TV, Internet, data, video, wireless, value-added business solutions, and next-generation home security.
Regional outlook: Progress is strongly tied to innovation. 
Short-term focus: In the telecommunications industry, competition will be intense. 
No. 4
Emera Inc.

Revenue: $2,058,600,000
One-year growth: 0%
Total employees: 2,960
President/CEO: Christopher G. Huskilson
Founded: 1999
HQ: Halifax
Description: Generates and distributes electricity through hydroelectric, wind, and natural gas sources.
No. 5
Jazz Aviation LP

Revenue: $1,710,686,000
One-year growth: 3%
Total employees: 4,778
President/CEO: Joseph Randell
Founded: 1938
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: There are two airline divisions operated by Jazz Aviation LP: Air Canada Express and Jazz. Jazz also offers airline operators services such as ground handling, dispatching, flight load planning, training, and consulting.
No. 6
High Liner Foods

Revenue: $941,827,000
One-year growth: 41%
Total employees: 1,200
President/CEO: Henry E. Demone
Founded: 1899
HQ: Lunenburg, N.S.
Description: A North American processor and marketer of value-added frozen seafood. 
Regional outlook: Focus on governance, a competitiveness mindset, partnerships with the university sector, and immigration.
Short-term focus: Supply chain and processes, customer-driven growth, build capacity, growth by acquisitions.
No. 7
Major Drilling Group International Inc.

Revenue: $696,000,000
One-year growth: -13%
Total employees: 3,500
President/CEO: Francis McGuire
Founded: 1980
HQ: Moncton
Description: A leading provider of drilling services to the mining industry.
Regional outlook: Managing sustainability in the face of an aging population and urbanization.
Short-term focus: Adaptation and transformation in light of rapid market shifts.
No. 8

Revenue: $633,754,000
One-year growth: 12%
Total employees: 450
President/CEO: Ian Wilson
HQ: Truro, N.S.
Description: Petroleum marketing through a network of gas stations and delivers fuel to homes and businesses, including heating and cooling equipment.
No. 9
Co-op Atlantic

Revenue: $631,949,224
One-year growth: 5%
Total employees: 588
President/CEO: Bertha Campbell/Paul-Émile Légère
Founded: 1927
HQ: Moncton
Description: Co-op Atlantic is a regional co-operative wholesaler based in Moncton. It is owned by more than 100 retail and agricultural co-operatives across Atlantic Canada and the Magdalen Islands. 
Regional outlook: Managing sustainability in the face of an aging population and increased urbanization.
Short-term focus: Cost reduction through innovation and enhancements to partnership structure.
No. 10
Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

Revenue: $592,900,000
One-year growth: 1%
Total employees: 662
President/CEO: Bret Mitchell
Founded: 1930
HQ: Halifax
Description: Provides alcoholic beverages through retail outlets.
No. 11

Revenue: $438,300,000
One-year growth: 11%
Total employees: 660
President/CEO: Patrick O’Regan/Sean O’Regan
Founded: 1915
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Automotive sales and service.
No. 12
Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership

Revenue: $350,447,313
One-year growth: 5%
Total employees: 1,387
President/CEO: Ian Smith 
Founded: 1976
HQ: Bedford, N.S.
Description: One of North America’s largest vertically integrated seafood companies, and the largest holder of shellfish licenses and quotas in Canada.
Regional outlook: Global competitiveness in the face of the following inter-related economic problems: a rapidly aging population, poor labour productivity, low investment, high taxation, and unsustainable public debt. 
Short-term focus: Six core strategies that have driven top quartile performance for the last three consecutive years.
No. 13
Maritime Travel Inc.

Revenue: $288,229,051
One-year growth: 7%
Total employees: 361
President/CEO: Gary Gaudry/Robert Dexter
Founded: 1978
HQ: Halifax
Description: Full-service travel-management provider.
Regional outlook: Slow and steady growth in the next 10 to 20 years, encouraged from the significant investments made in major projects.
Short-term focus: Customer focus and investing in people and technologies to maintain a highly experienced team of travel experts. 
No. 14
Scotsburn Co-operative Services Limited

Revenue: $269,000,000
One-year growth: -2%
Total employees: 700
President/CEO: Doug Ettinger 
Founded: 1900
HQ: Scotsburn, N.S.
Description: Manufactures and distributes dairy products.
No. 15
Armour Transportation Systems

Revenue: $260,000,000
One-year growth: 6%
Total employees: 1,800
President/CEO: Wesley G. Armour
Founded: 1966
HQ: Moncton
Description: Truckload and LTL for hire, carrier, warehousing, and logistics.
Regional outlook: Global competitiveness and expanding potential by adaptation and transformation. 
Short-term focus: Mentoring and building a high-performance team, and adapting to customer needs. Being an ambassador for the company, industry, and region. 
No. 16

Revenue: $256,022,000
One-year growth: 13%
Total employees: N/A
President/CEO: Donald E. Clow
Founded: 2006
HQ: Stellarton, N.S.
Description: Owns and manages properties throughout Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.
No. 17
Hickman Automotive Group

Revenue: $233,813,170
One-year growth: -5%
Total employees: 385
President/CEO: Jon Hickman/Bert Hickman
Founded: 1905
HQ: St. John’s
Description: Owns and operates nine automotive franchises representing GM, Chrysler, Volvo, Mack, Nissan, and Isuzu trucks, plus other automotive-related businesses.
No. 18
Clarke Inc.

Revenue: $233,519,000
One-year growth: 13%
Total employees: 715
President/CEO: George Armoyan 
Founded: 1997
HQ: Halifax
Description: Invests in a variety of private and publicly traded businesses and participates where necessary to enhance performance and increase return.
No. 19
Vector Aerospace Engine Services – Atlantic (VAESA)

Revenue: $226,990,128
One-year growth: 7%
Total employees: 504
President/CEO: Jeff Poirier/Declan O’Shea
Founded: 1991
HQ: Slemon Park, P.E.I.
Description: Provider of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft operators around the world.
Regional outlook: Optimistic.
Short-term focus: Creativity to maintain and grow a share of a saturated market and to be one step ahead of competitors.
No. 20
Lounsbury Group of Companies

Revenue: $213,379,000
One-year growth: 12%
Total employees: 430
President/CEO: Larry Nelson
Founded: 1878
HQ: Moncton
Description: Retail automotive sales, parts and service; Class 8 heavy-duty truck sales, parts and service; and retail furniture, appliances, electronics, and bedding.
No. 21
Moosehead Breweries Limited

Revenue: $200,000,000
One-year growth: 11%
Total employees:  326
President/CEO: Andrew Oland
Founded: 1867
HQ: Saint John
Description: Brewery.
No. 22
Oceanex Inc.

Revenue: $191,717,000
One-year growth: 13%
Total employees: 268
President/CEO: Capt. Sidney J. Hynes
Founded: 1992
HQ: St. John’s
Description: Shipping and trucking services to Newfoundland and Labrador from anywhere in North America.
Regional outlook: Energy sector and major projects will continue to have a positive impact on the region’s economy, in particular for Newfoundland and Labrador.
Short-term focus: Planning and strategic thinking.  
No. 23
Assumption Life

Revenue: $160,396,000
One-year growth: -23%
Total employees: 178
President/CEO: André Vincent
Founded: 1903
HQ: Moncton
Description: Provides life and group insurance and financial products through a distribution network across Canada.
Regional outlook: To continue a national expansion, the company requires access to a skilled workforce with expertise in the sector.
Short-term focus: Developing innovation through research and development. Defining and responding to the needs of niche markets. Continue to have a nimble approach. 
No. 24
Marco Group of Companies

Revenue: $139,619,000
One-year growth: 20%
Total employees: 75
President/CEO: Allan MacIntosh/Christopher J. Hickman
Founded: 1979
HQ: St. John’s
Description: Commercial, retail, entertainment, and institutional sectors in Atlantic Canada’s construction industry, acting as project managers, general contractors, and developers.
No. 25
Killam Properties Inc.

Revenue: $133,641,000
One-year growth: 5%
Total employees: 479
President/CEO: Philip Fraser
Founded: 2000
HQ: Halifax
Description: Owns and operates apartments and manufactured-home communities in Canada.
No. 26
Amalgamated Dairies Limited

Revenue: $132,900,000
One-year growth: -5%
Total employees: 288
President/CEO: Ray Arsenault/James Bradley
Founded: 1953
HQ: Summerside, P.E.I.
Description: Manufactures and distributes dairy and other food products.
Regional outlook: Favourable policies for business-sharing arrangements.
Short-term focus: Partnering will afford more stability and security. Looking forward to the growth and opportunities made possible by working with partners.
No. 27
Newfoundland Capital Corporation Limited

Revenue: $131,000,000
One-year growth: 3%
Total employees: 681
President/CEO: Robert G. Steele
Founded: 1949
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Radio broadcaster with 88 licences across Canada.
No. 28
MacDonald Auto Group

Revenue: $84,082,000
One-year growth: 3%
Total employees: 186
President/CEO: Jim, Ron, Chris, and Mark MacDonald
Founded: 1959
HQ: Sydney, N.S.
Description: The sale and service of new and used vehicles.
Regional outlook: Resources are important for growth.
Short-term focus: Motivating the management team.
No. 29
Southwest Properties

Revenue: $81,137,400
One-year growth: 20%
Total employees: 88
President/CEO: Gordon Laing/Jim Spatz
Founded: 1951
HQ: Halifax
Description: Residential and commercial property owner, manager, and developer.
No. 30
Halifax International Airport Authority

Revenue: $79,329,000
One-year growth: 2%
Total employees: 179
President/CEO: Tom Ruth
Founded: 1995
HQ: Enfield, N.S.
Description: Provides airport facilities, infrastructure, and services to travellers, airlines, tenants, and aviation service providers while connecting Nova Scotia to the world through flight. 
Regional outlook: Continued development of transportation infrastructure and aggressive marketing of capabilities to a global audience are essential steps. More thinking on a global scale.
Short-term focus: People do business with people they know and trust, so concentrate on building connections.
No. 31
Northumberland Cooperative Limited

Revenue: $76,428,238
One-year growth: -1%
Total employees: 176
President/CEO: Percy Scott/Jack Christie
Founded: 1942
HQ: Miramichi, N.B.
Description: Processes and distributes milk and dairy products.
No. 32

Revenue: $72,647,000
One-year growth: 31%
Total employees: 200
President/CEO: Michael Donovan
Founded: 2004
HQ: Halifax
Description: Produces and distributes TV programming and interactive content with an emphasis on children, family, and youth markets.
No. 33
Trucorp Investments Incorporated

Revenue: $62,949,767
One-year growth: 8%
Total employees: 222
President/CEO: Michael Whittaker
Founded: 1978
HQ: Truro, N.S.
Description: Food manufacturer and franchisor of Greco and Capt Sub restaurants.
No. 34
Cherubini Metal Works Limited

Revenue: $62,317,000
One-year growth: 0%
Total employees: 349
President/CEO: Danilo Gasparetto
Founded: 1967
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Structural steel products, bridge work, and heavy civil structures.
No. 35
Plazacorp Retail

Properties Ltd.

Revenue: $59,000,000
One-year growth: 7%
Total employees: 150
President/CEO: Michael Zakuta
Founded: 1999
HQ: Fredericton
Description: Owns, develops, and re-develops shopping centres and retail properties across Canada.
No. 36
AML Communications Inc.

Revenue: $57,000,000
One-year growth: 0%
Total employees: 184
President/CEO: Jim Detlor/Floyd Gaetz
Founded: 1990
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Retailer of communication and technology products and services.
No. 37
ADTS & The Warren Group

Revenue: $54,760,000
One-year growth: 0%
Total employees: 270
President/CEO: Vaughn Sturgeon
Founded: 1970
HQ: Rexton, N.B.
Description: Diversified truckload carrier handling all types of general and bulk freight.
No. 38
Fredericton Direct Charge Co-op

Revenue: $52,045,084
One-year growth: -1%
Total employees: 88
President/CEO: Cindy Riley/Murray Hatchard
Founded: 1974
HQ: Fredericton
Description: Community owned and operated retailer only open to member/owners.
No. 39
Fisherman’s Market International Inc.

Revenue: $51,377,121
One-year growth: 1%
Total employees: 165
President/CEO: Fred Greene/Monte Snow
Founded: 1948
HQ: Halifax
Description: Seafood wholesaler and processor that markets seafood for fishermen.
No. 40
Composites Atlantic

Revenue: $49,602,472
One-year growth: 8%
Total employees: 331
President/CEO: Claude Baril
Founded: 1993
HQ: Lunenburg, N.S.
Description: Manufactures and designs advanced composites for the aerospace, defence, and security sectors.
No. 41

Revenue: $48,496,480
One-year growth: 17%
Total employees: 36
President/CEO: Larry Marchand, Kevin Marchand, Darrell Marchand/Ben Young
Founded: 1985
HQ: Lower Sackville, N.S.
Description: Home builder, land development, renovator, real estate company, and residential/commercial landlord.
No. 42

Revenue: $47,638,860
One-year growth: 0%
Total employees: 193
President/CEO: Peter Conlon 
Founded: 1969
HQ: Hacketts Cove, N.S.
Description: Designs, manufactures, sells, and supports high-power radio frequency products for AM, FM, TV broadcast, navigation, sonar, industrial, and space-based applications.
Short-term focus: A new competitive axis exists that is resilience, or responsiveness. Reacting quickly to take advantage of uncertainty is a powerful advantage.
No. 43

Revenue: $47,305,000
One-year growth: 7%
Total employees: N/A
President/CEO: Ming-Ming Wong (interim)
Founded: 1968
HQ: Moncton
Description: Operates the Pizza Delight, Mikes, Scores, and Baton Rouge restaurant brands.
No. 44
Bruce Automotive Group

Revenue: $41,974,403
One-year growth: 38%
Total employees: 73
President/CEO: Justin Barker/Les Barker
Founded: 1978
HQ: Middleton, N.S.
Description: Sells and services new and used vehicles, as well as provides collision repair and vehicle detailing.
No. 45
New Castle Hotels & Resorts

Revenue: $41,696,419
One-year growth: 7%
Total employees: 914
President/CEO: Gerry Chase/David Buffam
Founded: 1980
HQ: Halifax
Description: Upscale hotels and resorts in the United States and Canada. A preferred manager for Marriott, Hilton, and Starwood brands for both full-service and select-service hotels and independent properties with strong one-of-a-kind identities.
Regional outlook: Amalgamating certain tasks and services, such as procurement, tourism, and infrastructure, and using the gains to reduce deficits. 
Short-term focus: Capitalize on purchasing underperforming assets and manage turnaround to improved financial performance.
No. 46
CBCL Limited

Revenue: $41,660,000
One-year growth: 5%
Total employees: 290
President/CEO: Michael. R. MacDonald
Founded: 1955
HQ: Halifax
Description: Engineering and environmental design and consulting services in the following sectors: municipal services, water and wastewater, buildings, industry and manufacturing, energy and power, oil and gas, marine, transportation and bridges, and environment and planning.
Regional outlook: Development of SME manufacturing to stabilize rural economy.
Short-term focus: Improving project delivery. Growing business outside Atlantic Canada to put the company in a better position to react to regional economic conditions and market changes.
No. 47
BioVectra Inc.

Revenue: $40,000,000
One-year growth: 43%
Total employees: 190
President/CEO: Dale Zajicek/Ron Keefe
Founded: 1970
HQ: Charlottetown
Description: Manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients and chemical intermediates. Develops innovative and generic drug products. 
Regional outlook: There is no reason why Atlantic Canada can’t outperform other economies if it adopts innovation and entrepreneurship.
Short-term focus: The company is looking at the constraints to growth and ensuring the constraints are managed. 
No. 48
Apex Industries Inc.

Revenue: $39,074,000
One-year growth: 19%
Total employees: 260
President/CEO: H.J. Stultz/S.J. Stultz
Founded: 1961
HQ: Moncton
Description: Manufactures and distributes quality steel products, specifically aerospace parts and assemblies and custom metal doors and frames, and also provides contract manufacturing.
Regional outlook: Need to be more innovative and start producing value-added goods and services, not just raw resources.
Short-term focus: Finding efficiencies in all areas of the organization and automation. 
No. 49
Cooke Insurance Group of Companies  

Revenue: $33,864,142
One-year growth: 10%
Total employees: 87
President/CEO: Jeff Cooke 
Founded: 1972
HQ: Charlottetown
Description: The company’s goal and mandate is to provide the complete insurance solution, from personal to corporate. 
Regional outlook: Optimistic. A shining example is the Confederation Bridge, which did what generations of naysayers said was impossible.
Short-term focus: Aging workforce and customers. Hiring and motivating young people and embracing proven technological improvements, which future customers will demand.
No. 50
exp Services Inc. – Atlantic

Revenue: $33,850,000
One-year growth: -15%
Total employees: 3,132
VP General Manager Atlantic/CEO: David Crandall/Vlad Stritesky
Founded: 1945
HQ: Fredericton
Description: Engineering, architecture, planning, consulting, construction, and management.
No. 51
ADI Group Inc.

Revenue: $30,736,690
One-year growth: -33%
Total employees: 120
President/CEO: Hazen Hawker 
Founded: 1945
HQ: Fredericton
Description: Industrial wastewater, geo-membrane covers and liners; residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings construction; and compost-plant operations.
Regional outlook: Impact of major projects. Progress is contagious.
Short-term focus: Developing personnel, growing technology portfolio, expanding geographic footprint, and building the brand across international markets.
No. 52
Dennis Chevrolet Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd.

Revenue: $29,600,000
One-year growth: -18%
Total employees: 75
President/CEO: Richard Dennis
Founded: 1965
HQ: Corner Brook, N.L.
Description: Automotive dealer in western Newfoundland and Labrador.
No. 53
Arrow Construction Products Limited

Revenue: $28,000,000
One-year growth: -7%
Total employees: 39
President/CEO: Edgar Goguen
Founded: 1979
HQ: Fredericton
Description: Construction-materials
Regional outlook: The region needs solid long-term leadership from all governments in order to grow.
Short-term focus: To continue to better educate employees to be as skilled as possible.
No. 54
Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union

Revenue: $25,755,136
One-year growth: 2%
Total employees: 139
President/CEO: Michael W. Boland/Allison Chaytor-Loveys
Founded: 1957
HQ: St. John’s
Description: Provides financial and insurance services to the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Regional outlook: Optimistic. Newfoundland and Labrador currently leads the Atlantic region in major project spending. 
Short-term focus: Solution focused and committed to building positive relationships with  existing and new employees and members.  
No. 55
Partner Seafood, Inc.

Revenue: $25,000,000
One-year growth: 79%
Total employees: 12
President/CEO: Paul Farrah 
Founded: 2007
HQ: Shediac, N.B.
Description: Production management and marketing company in the fish and seafood industry currently exporting to more than 37 countries worldwide.
Regional outlook: Focus on new technologies, youth retention, and emerging markets. 
Short-term focus: Productivity, innovation, and marketing.
No. 56
A.P. Reid Insurance Stores

Revenue: $24,359,749
One-year growth: 5%
Total employees: 49
President/CEO: Jamie Reid
Founded: 1980
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Insurance broker, wholesaler, and online retailer.
No. 57
Office Interiors

Revenue: $24,247,905
One-year growth: -8%
Total employees: 102
President/CEO: Jim Mills 
Founded: 1991
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Contract furniture, photocopier and mailing systems, sales and service.
No. 58
Talon Energy Services

Revenue: $28,812,475
One-year growth: 0%
Total employees: 160
President/CEO: Terry King
Founded: 2003
HQ: St. John’s
Description: Full-service energy solutions for the oil and gas, resource, and heavy industrial sectors with a commitment to safety, quality, and experienced people.
No. 59
Sutherland Honda

Revenue: $22,618,463
One-year growth: 3%
Total employees: 35
President/CEO: Stephen P. Lenihan
Founded: 1956
HQ: Fredericton
Description: Sells and services Honda automobiles, motorcycles, and equipment.
No. 60
La Co-operative de Bouctouche Limitee

Revenue: $22,546,271
One-year growth: 8%
Total employees: 40
President/general manager: Sylvie Dallaire/Don Auffrey
Founded: 1958
HQ: Bouctouche, N.L.
Description: Retail food and petroleum products.
No. 61
Rutter Inc.

Revenue: $21,967,000
One-year growth: -33%
Total employees: 103
President/CEO: Fraser Edison 
Founded: 1998
HQ: St. John’s
Description: Develops advanced radar signal processing technologies, from which specialized radar systems have been created for marine safety, security, and environmental monitoring applications. Also provides electronics manufacturing services for land vehicle and naval assemblies.
No. 62
Truefoam Limited

Revenue: $21,361,219
One-year growth: -3%
Total employees: 113
President/CEO: Eric C. MacNearney 
Founded: 1968
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Manufactures expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation and packaging for perishables.  
No. 63
PEI Mutual Insurance Co.

Revenue: $20,651,015
One-year growth: 6%
Total employees: 38
President/CEO: Brian Annear/Terry Shea
Founded: 1885
HQ: Summerside, P.E.I.
Description: Property and casualty insurance direct writer.

No. 64
Cars R Us Limited

Revenue: $20,625,254
One-year growth: 0%
Total employees: 27
President/CEO: Gary Shea 
Founded: 1998
HQ: Lower Sackville, N.S.
Description: Automobile sales.
Regional outlook: Companies need to be positive, build on strengths, and develop marketing skills to be ready for growth.
Short-term focus: Maintain a hands-on approach and instil confidence in our employees.
No. 65

Revenue: $20,600,000
One-year growth: 16%
Total employees: 130
President/CEO: Rob Lane
Founded: 1984
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Designs, installs, and delivers full-scale system integration systems specializing in telecommunications, health care, and energy.
No. 66
East Coast Credit Union

Revenue: $19,740,655
One-year growth: 18%
Total employees: 132
President/CEO: Ken Shea 
Founded: 2011
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Full-service financial institution with 19 branches from HRM to Cape Breton, community based and owned by customers.
Regional outlook: Sustainable development in the face of aging population and projected skills shortages. 
Short-term focus: Improve financial sustainability and competitiveness in a new economic environment. 
No. 67
Premiere Executive Suites/Atlantic Limited

Revenue: $19,001,532
One-year growth: 0%
Total employees: 100
President/CEO: Suzanne Bachur
Founded: 1999
HQ: Mississauga, Ont.
Description: Provides four-star, extended-stay furnished apartments and executive suites.
Regional outlook: The region’s economic progress is unpredictable, yet we can create operations that are nimble and adaptive. 
Short-term focus: Try to maintain an adequate inventory and have it readily available on short notice. 

No. 68
Credit Union Atlantic

Revenue: $18,647,951
One-year growth: 1%
Total employees: 93
President/CEO: Marie Mullally 
Founded: 1948
HQ: Halifax
Description: Community-based, customer-owned financial institution offering a broad array of products and services.
Regional outlook: Optimism hinges on near to mid-term continued success of leveraging natural resources and emerging entrepreneurial sector. 
Short-term focus: Company, customers, and competitors. Ultimately, success hinges on an engaged, accountable, and high-performing team. Invest in human resources and people strategy.
No. 69
Allsco Window and Doors Corp.

Revenue: $18,500,000
One-year growth: -8%
Total employees: 115
President/CEO: Gordon Lahanky 
Founded: 1976
HQ: Moncton
Description: Window and door manufacturer and reseller of various wholesale products.
No. 70
Bayview Credit Union Limited

Revenue: $18,084,777
One-year growth: 2%
Total employees: 101
President/CEO: Thomas Bishop/Anna Florczynski
Founded: 1938
HQ: Saint John
Description: Co-operative financial services institution providing day-to-day banking, lending, and wealth-management services for members.
Regional outlook: Increased investment in a number of sectors, including oil and gas, potash production, shipbuilding, aquaculture, and ICT. Regional sustainability depends on job creation combined with a net export balance of trade. 
Short-term focus: Internal processes, organic growth activities, and enhancing business relationships with current members and markets. 
No. 71
Palmer Atlantic Insurance & Risk Services

Revenue: $17,000,752
One-year growth: 2%
Total employees: 20
President/CEO: Joe Palmer 
Founded: 1974
HQ: Hartland, N.B.
Description: Commercial and trucking. Also provides safety, compliance, and training services to trucking and industrial clients across Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and Alberta.
Regional outlook: Companies are forced to be more efficient and get more out of less.  The government needs to do the same while promoting economic growth. With some of the projects, initiatives, and new technology, the next 20 years will be the company’s best.
Short-term focus: Strong team that has built for the future. Innovation and efficiency to maximize profits and productivity.
No. 72
Port Saint John

Revenue: $15,902,000
One-year growth: 0%
Total employees: 29
President/CEO: Jim Quinn 
Founded: 1999
HQ: Saint John
Description: Atlantic Canada’s largest and most diverse cargo base, handling over 31 million metric tonnes of cargo annually, including dry and liquid bulks, break bulk, containers, and cruise. 
Regional outlook: Expanded global reach that should lead to an increased demand for products, which in turn should lead to increased employment. All of the above is achievable if done correctly and with visible and balanced leadership.  
Short-term focus: Build on a positive attitude and environment among the public and the business, political, and stakeholder communities. 
No. 73

Revenue: $15,853,706
One-year growth: 7%
Total employees: 122
President/CEO: Curtis Howe 
Founded: 2003
HQ: Saint John
Description: Independently owned information technology company with more than 160 professionals. Head office is located in Saint John, with other offices in Calgary, Regina, Fredericton, Moncton, and Halifax.
Regional outlook: More headquarter operations in Atlantic Canada. That means creating new business from the ground up. It’s all about innovation and entrepreneurship; the two go hand in hand.
Short-term focus: We’re a 10-year-old business, but in many ways we’re still a start-up. 
No. 74
Ambassatours Gray Line

Revenue: $15,303,147
One-year growth: 62%
Total employees: 32
President/CEO: Dennis Campbell
Founded: 1987
HQ: Halifax
Description: Motorcoach charter offering daily sightseeing tours and city and provincial tours, motorcoach repair and maintenance, and cruise ship servicing.
No. 75
Armament Technology Incorporated

Revenue: $13,100,000
One-year growth: -28%
Total employees: 6
President/CEO: Ted Milner
Founded: 2002
HQ: Halifax
Description: Military-grade optical sighting systems for small arms.
No. 76
Coach Atlantic Transportation Group

Revenue: $13,000,000
One-year growth: 4%
Total employees: 225
President/CEO: Mike Cassidy/Adam Doiron
Founded: 2008
HQ: Charlottetown
Description: Regional group of companies licensed and committed to servicing the charter, tours, transit, and line-run sectors of the maritime motor-coach transportation industry. Members include Trius Tours, Maritime Bus, and Coach Atlantic.
Regional outlook: In Atlantic Canada, the emerging business opportunities in aerospace, biotech, and shipbuilding will drive growth in the economy. 
Short-term focus: Reducing expenses, developing new markets, and maintaining existing customer base.
No. 77
Theriault Financial Inc.

Revenue: $11,401,219
One-year growth: 5%
Total employees: 7
President/CEO: Don Theriault
Founded: 1981
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Employee Benefits broker providing benefits coverage for about 1,000 of Atlantic Canada’s small companies.
No. 78
OMISTA Credit Union

Revenue: $11,249,795
One-year growth: 2%
Total employees: 68
President/CEO: William (Bill) Hanson/Richard A. Vaillancourt
Founded: 1938
HQ: Moncton
Description: Customer-owned full-service financial institution for residents and businesses in New Brunswick.
Regional outlook: Abundant resources and expertise position this region for strong growth and development over the next 10 to 20 years.  
Short-term focus: Human resources, focusing on those individuals who believe in Atlantic Canada and have spirit and driive.
No. 79
Accreon Inc.

Revenue: $11,085,413
One-year growth: 37%
Total employees: 97
President/CEO: Neil Russon, Accreon Global Services and Solutions
Founded: 2008
HQ: Fredericton
Description: Information technology and business solutions consulting to the health care and government sectors in Atlantic Canada and the northeastern United States.
Regional outlook: Atlantic Canada is on the edge of benefiting from major investments in shipping, hydro, and oil and gas. There is still time to move into high gear. 
Short-term focus: Continue to concentrate on human resource retention through best practices and grow business in export markets and delivering work “nearshore.”
No. 80
Carsville Ltd.

Revenue: $10,394,230
One-year growth: 2%
Total employees: 8
President/CEO: Alan Jewell
Founded: 2000
HQ: Lower Sackville, N.S.
Description: Pre-owned vehicle sales and purchases.
No. 81
Rooftight Construction

Revenue: $10,200,000
One-year growth: 67%
Total employees: 5
President/CEO: Scott Smith 
Founded: 1995
HQ: Fall River, N.S.
Description: Custom home builder featuring award-winning, energy-efficient designs for different lifestyles.
Regional outlook: With recent megaprojects underway or on the horizon, confidence is on the rise.
Short-term focus: Concentrate on ever-changing markets, specifically the generation Y market. This group is approaching 30, and they have different ideas about lifestyle choices.
No. 82
SouthEastern Mutual Insurance Co.

Revenue: $10,149,807
One-year growth: 10%
Total employees: 30
President/CEO: Darrel Coates 
Founded: 1938
HQ: Riverview, N.B.
Description: Provides home, auto, farm, tenants, and small commercial insurance protection to our policyholders from a local perspective through personalized quality service delivered promptly and efficiently since 1938.
Regional outlook: Concentrate on developing a sustainable industry that will allow younger generations to stay put. 
Short-term focus: During the next two to five years, mergers and acquisitions are going to continue to play an important role in market segmentation as the company looks to future growth and succession planning. 
No. 83
Charlottetown Airport Authority Inc.

Revenue: $8,546,116
One-year growth: 17%
Total employees: 21
President/CEO: Doug Newson
Founded: 1999
HQ: Charlottetown
Description: Air-service support and business-park infrastructure necessary to support the business, social, and economic development objectives of the community and the province of Prince Edward Island.
Regional outlook: Job creation/growth and immigration will drive the region’s economy over the next two decades. 
Short-term focus: Continue to develop the skill set and confidence of the senior management team and give them the tools they need to meet objectives and goals.
No. 84
Port of Belledune

Revenue: $8,442,540
One-year growth: 7%
Total employees: 12
President/CEO: Rayburn Doucett
Founded: 2000
HQ: Belledune, N.B.
Description: Manages marine infrastructure, port operations, and shipping services.
No. 85
Bishop’s Cellar

Revenue: $7,994,461
One-year growth: 15%
Total employees: 18
President/CEO: Matt Rogers/Jim Spatz
Founded: 2003
HQ: Halifax
Description: Retailer and wholesaler of specialty wines, beer, and spirits.
Regional outlook: Optimistic if region adopts a culture of change. 
Short-term focus: Create a working environment that is flexible and nimble to respond to change.
No. 86
Metro Credit Union Ltd.

Revenue: $7,853,979
One-year growth: 7%
Total employees: 34
President/CEO: Bernard Gillis
Founded: 1968
HQ: Charlottetown
Description: Full-service financial institution that has more than 12,500 members and about $197 million in assets. 
Regional outlook: The region will become much more self-sufficient in the future. The credit union will look to local companies and resources to fill its needs.
Short-term focus: Concentrating on a human resources plan to ensure that the right people are in place to compete in the future.
No. 87
Professional Quality Assurance Ltd.

Revenue: $7,318,194
One-year growth: 7%
Total employees: 96
President/CEO: Keith McIntosh 
Founded: 1997
HQ: Fredericton
Description: Provides solutions for software quality assurance, content quality assurance, and learning and content development to organizations worldwide. 
Regional outlook: With a higher focus on innovation, the region’s economy can only grow from here. Placing a higher focus on innovation will benefit not only the IT sector in the future but also the regional economy as a whole.
Short-term focus: Research and development in conjunction with education are top priorities. Innovation through research and development will ensure that the company is properly prepared to compete.
No. 88
Pump House Brewery Ltd.

Revenue: $5,500,000
One-year growth: 4%
Total employees: 33
President/CEO: Shaun Fraser
Founded: 1997
HQ: Moncton
Description: A service company with two restaurants, a manufacturing and distribution arm with two breweries, and a vineyard.
No. 89
Eagle River Credit Union

Revenue: $5,400,000
One-year growth: 8%
Total employees: 44
President/CEO: Bert Belben/Alvina O’Brien
Founded: 1984
HQ: L’Anse au Loup, N.L.
Description: Provides effective products, services, and financial guidance to its members.
No. 90

Revenue: $5,242,000
One-year growth: -18%
Total employees: 32
President/CEO: Peter Mason 
Founded: 1973
HQ: Halifax
Description: Has been providing premier computing products and technical services to customers for 40 years.
No. 91
SwiftRadius Inc.

Revenue: $5,054,130
One-year growth: 7%
Total employees: 42
President/CEO: Kevin Hurley/Scott MacIntosh
Founded: 2004
HQ: Fredericton
Description: Innovation and technology consulting firm serving enterprise clients throughout the region and beyond.
Regional outlook: Optimistic for those businesses and individuals that immerse themselves in global trends and markets and develop targeted innovative offerings to serve a rapidly growing community of increasingly wealthy consumers.
Short-term focus: Build on the business and put people and programs in place to accelerate the rate at which new products and services are created for new markets. Set the groundwork to benefit from global growth trends.
No. 92
Fine Touch Dental Atlantic Management Inc.

Revenue: $5,010,014
One-year growth: -7%
Total employees: 50
President/CEO: Debbie LeValliant
Founded: 2007
HQ: Halifax
Description: A complete suite of comprehensive best practices in general and dental business-management services under a centralized administration for dental practitioners. 
Regional outlook: Looking for a culture shift for our future.
Short-term focus: Improve efficiencies and effectiveness at the clinic level. Modify acquisition strategy and beginning to implement a revised business plan to meet the next curve of regional growth.
No. 93
Mercers Best Built Structures Inc.

Revenue: $5,000,000
One-year growth: 79%
Total employees: 8
President/CEO: Jeremy Mercer 
Founded: 2008
HQ: Dartmouth
Description: Full-service residential project-management company specializing in new-home construction and renovations such as decks, roofing, sheds, siding, gutters, flooring, windows, doors, garages, and basements.
No. 94
Revolution Strategy

Revenue: $4,311,056
One-year growth: -9%
Total employees: 14
President/CEO: Cynthia Goodwin/Terri Riedle
Founded: 2002
HQ: Saint John
Description: Research-based, results-driven marketing and communications strategies executed through digital and social media, all facets of public relations, traditional marketing and advertising, and mash-ups of all of the above. 
Regional outlook: Regional co-operation and leveraging assets.
Short-term focus: Continue to deliver world-class work and results for clients.
No. 95
Atlantic Commercial Properties Inc.

Revenue: $4,170,453
One-year growth: 6%
Total employees: 8
President/CEO: Gordon Lahanky
Founded: 1982
HQ: Moncton
Description: Commercial real estate development with a focus on real estate management, development services, sales and leasing, and real estate investments.
Regional outlook: Two core global trends will position Atlantic Canada for regional success: immigration and cleantech.
Short-term focus: To be minimally leveraged so as to hedge the risk of interest-rate hikes and to be prepared for active acquisitions.
No. 96
Louisbourg Investments Inc.

Revenue: $4,024,935
One-year growth: -4%
Total employees: 12
President/CEO: Luc Gaudet
Founded: 1991
HQ: Moncton
Description: Institutional investment-management firms with offices in Moncton and Halifax. Manages $2.2 billion on behalf of institutional and private clients.
No. 97
EGG Studios

Revenue: $3,988,413
One-year growth: 9%
Total employees: 20
President/CEO: Sara Thomas/Mike Hachey
Founded: 2004
HQ: Halifax
Description: Production company and producer of original content for TV, radio, and the web, among other media, usually but not only for advertising. 
No. 98
Cushman & Wakefield Atlantic

Revenue: $3,712,000
One-year growth: 17%
Total employees: 30
President/CEO: William MacAvoy
Founded: 1985
HQ: Halifax
Description: Provides commercial real estate services.
Regional outlook: Leadership required to create the atmosphere and framework to succeed and sell the vision.
Short-term focus: Expand into ancillary business, in addition to the never-ending quest for talent.
No. 99

Revenue: $3,037,508
One-year growth:34%
Total employees: 140
President/CEO: Lawrence Conrad
Founded: 1996
HQ: Halifax
Description: Security, mobile, armoured, and ATM services that are mutually supportive.
Regional outlook: More regional support of local companies.
Short-term focus: Diversification. 
No. 100
Techlink Entertainment

Revenue: $2,849,130
One-year growth: 38%
Total employees: 75
President/CEO: John Xidos
Founded: 1994
HQ: Sydney, N.S.
Description: Gaming technology solutions provider. 
No. 101
LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

Revenue: $2,702,909
One-year growth: 35%
Total employees: 17
President/CEO: Patrick A. Whalen
Founded: 1995
HQ: Fredericton
Description: Develops simple and portable microbiological test kits that provide rapid microbiological quantification in any type of fluid sample. 
Regional outlook: To better tap the skills and creativity of leading thinkers and leverage the energy of new graduates to reshape priorities to compete in the global economy.
Short-term focus: Gain a foothold in the global economy and establish an international presence and brand value.

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