Wagepoint Pay processes $40 million in Canadian payroll

Haifax, N.S. – Earlier this summer, Wagepoint Payment Services Inc. launched Wagepoint Pay – a FUN, incredibly awesome, fully automated and cloud-based payroll software, targeting Canadian SMBs.
Since its official roll-out in July, Wagepoint Pay has been seeing sign ups growing steadily. And to date, Wagepoint has processed over $40 million in payroll, run over 2,500 payrolls on the system and all without missing a single payment to employees or the government.

“Payroll is a boring industry with legacy software that is not user-friendly or customer centric”, said Shrad Rao, CEO, Wagepoint. “We wanted to change that by creating an online payroll app that is fun and simple to use for companies and their employees.”

Wagepoint Pay can handle employees & contractors, hourly & salaried employees, direct deposits, government remittances, paperless paystubs, employee self-serve, T4s, ROEs and so much more. “Right off the bat, the app needed to be fully-featured if we wanted to compete and win in the payroll market”, said Ryan Dineen, CTO, Wagepoint. The app also has integrations with third-party apps like Freshbooks and Swipe Clock that allows customers to easily import information for their hourly employees.

There are two simple pricing plans a customer can choose from – the Pro plan starts at $22 and includes direct deposits, government remittances and year-end T4’s. There is also a free plan, which works well for DIYers who rely on the CRA calculator to crunch their numbers.

Besides the affordable pricing, another main differentiator is Wagepoint’s emphasis on customer service. A team of payroll specialists are available by phone, email or live chat to answer questions and help customers get setup in the system. With every customer being a hard-earned win for the founders of this Halifax / Toronto born startup, the team at Wagepoint takes extra care to make sure that customers’ are always satisfied.



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