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  • 2008-04-01


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Buying investment real estate?

There are 4 things you should do first
by Bill MacAvoy

A quiet revolution

The Newfoundland and Labrador government is putting together a unique public–private funding arrangement aided by a tax reform
by Peter Moreira

Adapt to win

It’s a paradox that to succeed, you must be flexible— perhaps even giving up some cherished goals along the way. In the classroom, you can learn from the best that Harvard has to offer while staying in Atlantic Canada
by David Holt

Being in the red is good?

In some cases, the right kind of debt can help grow your business
by Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Bright lights in the little city

With the skyline changing, some big projects underway, and a bold new civic outlook, it’s a good time to do business in Halifax
by Allison Lawlor

Changing rules

SR&ED claimants must now be prepared to prove their eligibility to a higher-level documentation standard
by Craig Mulcahy

Creating high value

Under the revamped IRB system, prime contractors will be evaluated on the quality of the Canadian SMEs and contractors they hire
by Tom Mason

Emotional rebranding

When you’re ready to tell your brand’s story authentically, you’ll make powerful connections
by Impact's Strategy Lab

Hosting with heart

Meetings are a fact of life and are often boring, ineffective, or both. But they don’t have to be. New techniques focused on engagement are revolutionizing the way meaningful gatherings are designed
by Rayanne Brennan

OceansTech 2014

The business of ocean technology
by Progress Magazine

Playing to the fans

Xiplinx CEO Brent MacDonald talks about the biggest risk he ever took
by Nicole Halloran

Recipe for riches

When new people, ideas, and investment get together with established outfits, good things start to happen
by Lisa Hrabluk

Tribal warrior

Talking points with Branding Provocateur Gair Maxwell
by Corey Poirier
Views on the big picture from the publisher.

An oceans focus

This is the first edition of Progress that we have ever given over predominantly to just one sector, and that sector is oceans. It’s so massive...
by Neville Gilfoy
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Last, but certainly not least, is what Jim Meek is saying

Home and native land

By working together, governments and native leaders might be able to unlock billions of dollars’ worth of resource projects
by Jim Meek