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  • 2008-04-01


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A new business blooms

The entrepreneur behind a burgeoning eco-friendly floral venture is the perfect blend of pragmatist and dreamer
by Kathleen Martin

A smart revolution

NB Power plans to introduce Smart Grid to reduce and shift electricity demands in the province
by Amanda Leslie

Atlantic manufacturing citing fewer companies, more export pressure

 A drive through almost any rural area in Atlantic Canada will tell you that manufacturing is hurting. Contractions and consolidations in a...
by Steve Proctor

Best Places to Work in Atlantic Canada 2015

These Atlantic Canadian companies are setting the bar high for employee benefits and rewarding work environments
by Progress Magazine

Drive and deal

Golf is a lot more than just a pleasant diversion. On some levels, the game can even improve the way you think about business
by Tom Mason

Hive mentality

A good mead can be the “bee’s knees,” as the saying goes—in other words, very tasty. While the honey-based beverage...
by Craig Pinhey

Not all talk

Wired Flare is helping bring corporate social responsibility to the social media sphere
by Sara Leslie

Opportunity at the gates

With ever increasing capacity and expertise, an enviable geographic location, and a new trade agreement with Europe on the horizon, Atlantic Canada is poised to become a North American logistics hub
by Tom Mason

Public Policy Forum honours five Atlantic leaders

 Despite some of the worst winter weather the region has seen in years, the Public Policy Forum’s Atlantic dinner took place in...
by Tom Mason

Stay and play

Kris Moulton rolled the dice on a unique business idea in an unproven market and came out on top. The 36-year-old owns The Board Room Game Cafe, a...
by Matt Jamieson

The missing link

A new state-of-the-art public cold-storage facility in Moncton will serve a lot more than just the seafood industry
by Tom Mason

The perfect storm

A new barge facility is about to give Saint John manufacturers a huge competitive advantage
by Tom Mason
Views on the big picture from the publisher.

Simply the Best

This year’s list of Best Places to Work winners is impressive on a number of levels. First of all, each one of the companies is a great...
by Neville Gilfoy
Perspective on business trends.

A culture of collaboration

One construction company’s business model of seeking input from prospective homeowners, subcontractors, tradespeople, and staff results in satisfied customers and a strong branding advantage
by Tom Mason

Leadership Lessons

In sports and business, leadership is about finding the most effective ways to help others be their best
by Tim Magwood

Life on the Frontier

Internet transparency is creating organizations run by libertarians who believe technology will create a better world. The question is, according to whom?
by David Holt

Mind the gap

Communicating with millennial employees can present challenges, but it can also provide significant rewards that can positively transform your company
by Mike Randall

Cash back

Try not to treat your your tax refund as a gift. Instead, use it to better your financial situation
by Chris Rafuse

Wallet wars

It costs the system more if we use cash, but in many ways, it can cost us more if we don’t
by Wendy Brookhouse

Value added

For SMEs, key employees are one of the most likely sources of successors—especially if they happen to be family members
by Tom Mason
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Last, but certainly not least, is what Jim Meek is saying

Brainpower boost

Let’s press all three political parties to retain more global talent in the region
by Jim Meek