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  • 2008-04-01


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Accelerating growth

New Brunswick start-ups are building momentum, thanks in part to an added push from UNB
by Mark Leger

Branded spaces

A new architectural movement is sweeping the region and leaving some of Canada’s most outstanding new buildings in its wake
by Tom Mason

Building futures

The best way to establish an innovation ecosystem is to play in all fields
by Chet Wesley

Case in point

Products and patience
by Allison Lawlor

Entrepreneur of the Year

Atlantic Canada's top entrepreneurs are leading the region by example
by Quentin Casey

Feeding a need

The Community Carrot Co-Op is bringing healthy and affordable food to Halifax's North End
by Jordan Whitehouse

Foot in the door

Atlantic Canada’s aerospace and defence industry represents a multibillion-dollar client pool for small businesses—if they can prove they’re up for the job, that is
by Tom Mason

Goal setting starts at the top

Robert King on motivating clients and managing his business
by Amanda Leslie

Going solo

Christine Campbell on going solo, opening for Seger, and her interest in crowdsourcing
by Corey Poirier

How I saved

Digital efficiencies
by Leslie Gallagher

Keeping it confidential

Sometimes secrecy is a good thing, especially when planning the sale of your business in a small community
by Lloyd Compton

Lessons from abroad

For innovation to work in the long run, design needs to accompany it
by Chet Wesley

Mapping the way

NSCC is harnessing a new technology that offers unlimited potential for the responsible development of our coastal resources
by Wayne St-Amour

Maximizing potential

Saint Mary’s student and entrepreneur Tim Cranston proves that there’s more to innovation than technology—it’s about having a compelling reason to innovate
by Steve Proctor

New era of care

ACRI continues to lead the way in fighting cancer, powered by NextGen sequencing technology
by Rayanne Brennan

Paying it forward

Photographer Mark Hemming on using social entrepreneurism to make a difference
by Rayanne Brennan

Probing the inner spaces

A new ultrasonic ear probe developed by Dalhousie researchers could revolutionize the way surgeons and diagnosticians see their way through the human body
by Tom Mason

Quick tip

Understand the ROI in social media
by Frances Leary

Research and discovery

A special information supplement connecting invention, business, and capital
by Progress Magazine

Research in action

More cohesive collaboration and better sharing of resources will help propel the regional sectors that are fostering innovation, allowing more businesses to tap into that collective brainpower
by Melanie Jollymore

Talking points

The possibilities are endless
by Corey Poirier

The Two Levels of Business Value

There can be two levels of value that exist for some businesses, one higher than the other
by Dan Jennings
In progress
Issue highlights from the editor's desk.

A growing sense of prosperity

For Newfoundland and Labrador, people, natural resources, and good ideas are the new fish
by Amanda Leslie

Not afraid to think big

His vision was to build a relevant company, make millions of dollars, and secure long-term survival in a volatile sector. By focusing on operations and maintainance, Robert Crosbie pulled it off
by Quentin Casey
Views on the big picture from the publisher.


All fired up
by Neville Gilfoy

Create a culture

As a colleague recently said, it seems like “culture” is the word of the day. Only recently did the reasons behind why you should build a...
by Neville Gilfoy
Perspective on business trends.

Inventing the future

Masters of leadership, strategy, and innovation all know one thing: the best way to predict the future is to create it
by David Holt

Silos don't succeed

If your business relies on employees, customers, partners, or shareholders, you need to foster engagement
by Mike Randall

The golf fix

Blending two different sports, The Golf Bike combines fitness, speed of play, and a certain retro cool. The Florida company is developing deep roots in New Brunswick
by David Holt

The right stuff

It isn’t difficult to earn employee loyalty. Are you doing enough?
by Mike Randall

The shakedown

In high-growth planning, marketing is an opportunity to further establish your brand and introduce your unique value proposition to a wider audience
by Impact's Strategy Lab
Opportunities and investment-grade companies to keep your eye on.

Capital gained

New LCGE rules make is easier to retire and pass on wealth
by Chris Rafuse

Less is more

Strategic long-term planning can lower business-succession taxes
by Tom Mason

Let it grow

A medical marijuana company setting up shop in Nova Scotia plans to focus on research and development
by Tom Mason

On the radar

When a Nova Scotia exploration company discovers a mineral-rich mountain in Alaska, the result just might be one of the most lucrative North American mine start-ups in years
by Tom Mason

Stage Coaching

Making your business salable won't happen overnight, so give yourself plenty of lead time
by Wendy Brookhouse

Ask our money expert

I’m a small incorporated business owner, and my business is cyclical in nature. I have some debt on credit cards, and I’m constantly being bombarded with programs to grow my business. How can I manage my cash flow over the course of the year, and how do I know if I can take on a new program?
by Wendy Brookhouse

New year, new resolve

Like a ship without a compass, your business will flounder without a proper plan
by Chris Rafuse
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Last, but certainly not least, is what Jim Meek is saying

Don't bet the farm

In a fragile resource economy, public policy counts. For inspiration, let’s look at the Nordic countries and Quebec
by Jim Meek

Reconciling the irreconcilable

We’re moving toward a carbon-constrained economy, which means our hydro projects under development make sense long term
by Jim Meek