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Best of the East 2015

In our annual insiders’ guide to Atlantic Canada, we asked our readers to tell us the hottest in the neighbourhood to dine, shop, work, and kick back and relax. Here’s what you told us.
by Progress Magazine

Blue growth

The European Commission’s framework for research and innovation is opening up opportunities for regional ocean technology
by Amanda Leslie

Island flavour

 Halifax craft beer fans have noticed a little Island flavour in their local brew in the past year, as Murphy Hospitality Group (MGH), the...
by Craig Pinhey

Living Labs

 If Jeff Willson has his way, it’ll soon be normal to see 3D printers in Canadian high schools. Willson is the executive director of...
by Matt Jamieson

OceansTech Special Information Feature

 Led by strong research and more than 200 successful companies, Atlantic Canada is emerging as a world leader in the...
by Progress Magazine

Ride the swell

A Halifax-based start-up’s new app is putting boaters front and centre
by Amanda Leslie

Sustainable seaweed

 Growing up along the shore of Nova Scotia’s Baie Sainte-Marie, Louis Deveau would watch as his father covered the family vegetable garden...
by Sara Leslie

The links that bind

A former Dartmouth coast guard site is set to become a centre for ocean-related industry in Nova Scotia
by Amanda Leslie

Top dogs

New Brunswick Export Awards honour sector leaders
by Tom Mason
Views on the big picture from the publisher.

Modest by nature

It probably shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Atlantic Canada is a global centre of excellence for the ocean technology industry. After...
by Neville Gilfoy
Perspective on business trends.

Balancing act

Our governments should look at successful policies in other countries that are tackling public-finance spending
by Erin McGrath-Gaudet

Beating the odds

The offshore is Atlantic Canada’s big bet. Assuming an oil spill will never happen is too simple, so let’s be ready if it does
by David Holt

Connect the dots

A holistic approach is needed to improve government communications. It’s a valuable lesson for business too
by Mike Randall

Good breeding

A Dalhousie University scientist is getting some help in his genomic apple quest
by Tom Mason

Measuring up

Finding the right metrics for success can help organizations move forward
by Wendy Brookhouse

Money matters

Budgeting isn’t fun, but it’s the best way to teach young people about responsible spending
by Chris Rafuse
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Sober second thought

Canada’s Upper House should be a stalwart defender of regional interests, but it needs serious reforms
by Jim Meek