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  • 2008-04-01


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Best of the east 2016

Every year, we ask our readers to tell us about their best places to shop, eat, work, and play in Atlantic Canada. The result is this insider’s guide to the most popular hot spots
by Matt Jamieson

Best places to work in Atlantic Canada 2016

Meet the 30 companies that best demonstrate what it means to put employees first and build healthy, happy, and loyal teams
by Matt Jamieson

Capturing the moment

A Halifax photographer is showcasing her innovative idea on the national stage
by Matt Jamieson

Keys to the kingdom

Do you know how to recognize key employees when crafting a succession plan?
by Matt Jamieson

Selling the perfect lifestyle

A university entrepreneurship course launched the popular East Coast Lifestyle brand, then creator and owner Alex MacLean took to social media to successfully market it
by Tom Mason
Views on the big picture from the publisher.

An impact of epic proportions

In the words of Mick Jagger, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jamie Gilfoy, and I’m Neville Gilfoy’s oldest son. After...
by James Gilfoy
Perspective on business trends.

Rehearse, redo, reset

Individually and collectively, we are creatures of habit. Moving forward requires creativity and a lot of trial and error. Those are the rules. Now, let’s go
by David Holt

Brand managers

Top employers are making conscious decisions about the type of culture they’re trying to build. Are you?
by Wendy Brookhouse

Value added

The formula is simple—investing in employee satisfaction equals greater retention rates
by Chris Rafuse