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  • 2008-04-01


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At the heart of business - Moncton Industrial Development

Moncton’s burgeoning industrial parks provide companies with a powerful combination of economic, business, and location opportunities
by Tom Mason

Back to school

As the new school year started at Dalhousie University, students were hitting the books again. For Mary Kilfoil, that meant welcoming a fresh batch...
by Matt Jamieson

Hungry for new ideas

With the demographic issues facing Atlantic Canada, getting the provinces' fiscal houses in order only adds to the challenges
by Richard Woodbury

Progress 101 Business Plan Profiles

The Atlantic provinces have no shortage of brilliant leaders with great ideas for growing the region. Progress spoke to entrepreneurs, educators,...
by Progress Magazine

Progress 101 Standout Companies

Atlantic Canada's 2015 Top-Performing Companies
by Progress Magazine

Progress growth agenda

The Progress Growth Agenda begins now. We believe the future of our region depends on it
by Progress Magazine

Progress sector playbook

The Atlantic region has some enviable economic assets. Now we need to start taking advantage of them
by Tom Mason

Spirited away to Lunenburg

Spirited Away, the first spirits festival in Atlantic Canada, took place in Lunenburg, N.S., from Oct 16 to 18. The festival was a craft spirits...
by Craig Pinhey

The economy of the air

Atlantic Canada’s airports represent one of the region’s most powerful economic assets
by Tom Mason
Perspective on business trends.

Economic barbed wire

Steps were taken earlier this year by Atlantic Canadian political leaders to dismantle a virtual wall of barrier erected between provinces over more than a century
by Erin McGrath-Gaudet

Global action plan

Are you ready to take advantage of what the world’s business market has to offer?
by Chris Yonke

It's up to us

With a new PM in power, it’s time to change our collective focus to include greater attention to innovation and immigration and to reverse our traditional reliance of government
by Mike Randall

The innovation game

APEC’s outgoing head says our biggest threat is a new generation that hasn’t been groomed for the future challenges it will face
by David Holt

A world of opportunity

Regional businesses have a great launching pad to global market growth. Are you using it?
by Chris Rafuse

Head of the class

To reach Progress 101 status, your first step should be to set aggressive growth targets, then figure out how to fund that growth
by Wendy Brookhouse

Lifting the veil

New investment fee disclosure rules will provide transparency and a level playing field to the investment fund industry
by Tom Mason
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Last, but certainly not least, is what Jim Meek is saying

Quest for the holy grail

Let’s stop spreading our economic seed money on rocky ground where no good crop can grow
by Jim Meek