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  • 2008-04-01


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A co-operative workforce

Co-op programs can provide businesses with a cost-effective, short-term talent pool while simultaneously growing the regional economy
by Matt Jamieson

Coming to a screen near you

Academy Award-winner Michael Donovan has turned a small Halifax production company into a global player.
by Quentin Casey

Entrepreneur of the year recipients

Winners from each sector of the Atlantic Canadian economy
by Tom Mason

International exposure

While governments, businesses, and NGOs scramble to keep Atlantic Canada’s young people in the province, EduNova is trying something different
by Matt Jamieson

Mentorship amped up

Define your values and objectives, then attach them to metrics. For Laurie Sinclair, that’s a critical message to deliver to the entrepreneurs...
by Janna Macgregor

Modern romance

How two Halifax entrepreneurs are building a successful online start-up with no programming experience
by Matt Jamieson

Powering entrepreneurship

It’s imperative that more programs and incentives help small businesses improve the energy efficiency of their building and operations
by Denis Robichaud

Remote control

The ability to collaborate over vast distances and time zones is having a massive impact on the ability of companies to grow
by Tom Mason

What to believe?

Organizations that embrace a system for collecting and distilling the information around them will achieve a competitive advantage that will compound as they get better at playing the game
by Len Preeper
Perspective on business trends.

Inventing the future

Ray Kurzweil looks far into the past, into our early mammalian brains, and ahead into a future where the lines between biology and technology will be increasingly blurred
by David Holt

Making magic

Front-line employees shouldn’t be the only ones working hard to bring customer experiences to life. Everyone has an important role to play
by Jenn Rodgers

Lasting wealth

Bloom Wealth & Legacy Planning’s personal touch is the key to successful retirement planning
by Matt Jamieson

Sound succession planning can mean a worry-free retirement

Selling their business often represents the single most important transaction that entrepreneurs will ever make
by Tom Mason

Selling a better mousetrap

It’s a big leap to move from selling in your current markets to expanding geographically, franchising, or selling to your competition. Are you ready?
by Wendy Brookhouse
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Last, but certainly not least, is what Jim Meek is saying

Opening up to the world's largest market

With trade barriers falling thanks to the CETA agreement, Europe represents a massive new market for everything from Canadian vodka to aerospace components
by Jim Meek