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2014 Best Places to Work in Atlantic Canada

Who are the region's best employers...we reveal it here
by Progress Magazine

A different lens on photography

Kathy Duguay’s core business, Moncton-based Legacy Junction Studios, centres around photography, but key to the company’s success has...
by Corey Poirier

Bright lights in the little city

With the skyline changing, some big projects underway, and a bold new civic outlook, it’s a good time to do business in Halifax
by Allison Lawlor

Come-from-away capital

More and more financing deals are hailing from outside Atlantic Canada. Do you want a piece of that pie?
by Peter Moreira

Creating healthy smiles

If the best start-up founders solve their own pain, then Sherri McFarland is headed in the right direction with Fenol Farm Inc. McFarland, a...
by Peter Moreira

Digital currency

Everyone’s talking about the Bitcoin. Can it do anything for your business?
by Chris Rafuse

Joining the crowd

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have proposed changes to their securities laws that would provide new prospectus exemptions for crowdfunding
by Chris MacIntyre

Keeping up appearances

To manage your brand, do more than tweak your visual identity
by Impact's Strategy Lab

Nova 7 goes national

This Nova Scotia-made wine is gaining popularity across Canada
by Amanda Leslie

Playing to the fans

A little over a year ago, Brent MacDonald told his wife that he wanted to quit his stable consulting job with Stantec Consulting Ltd. to start a...
by Nicole Halloran

Rules for temporary foreign workers change again

Thinking of hiring from outside of Canada? What you need to know about the latest overhaul of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program
by Mercy Motey

Safety in numbers

Steps to growing your team without taking on too much financial risk
by Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Setting goals for social media success

Do you know what your action goals are?
by Frances Leary

What’s your story?

The best way to interest people in your business is to learn how to spin a really good yarn
by Mike Randall
Tools and ideas for building your brand.

Face toward the problems

The key to growth—personal or business—is recognizing that life is all about change
by Kathleen Martin
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Last, but certainly not least, is what Jim Meek is saying

Mind the gap

Like the Pet Rock and the hula hoop, Thomas Piketty is a cultural phenomenon. Unlike the Pet Rock and the hula hoop, he may prove a lasting one. The...
by Jim Meek